Cathy has been singing for as long as she can remember, maybe even longer. After her (way) older brother (now known as Mr. Skip–also a children’s musician) got her started on guitar learning Beatles songs, Cathy went on to sing in and accompany and lead youth and adult groups, played Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ, Superstar in 2 productions and Bloody Mary in South Pacific, and even sang in a wedding band. 😳

These days, Cathy teaches music classes at 2 preschools, and she loves it! She has a passion for exploring the language of emotions in music, as well as integrating social skills and good manners into each session. She also enjoys the many new songs she hears on the radio (A shout-out to WXPN!), and likes to use different musical styles to keep things interesting. And, she LOVES getting hugs! Along with her preschool schedule, Cathy teaches beginning guitar lessons for young students AND performs at birthday parties and other gatherings where there are children. Whew! That’s a lot of merry music-making!

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